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On Monday, November 16th, 2009 thousands of thought-leaders from top universities, non-profit organizations, corporations and social businesses will engage youth in various activities for Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Joining the celebration, KooDooZ has been invited into a NFTE classroom to engage high school students in the principles of social entrepreneurship and social intrapreneurship.

Not familiar with the term “intrapreneur”?  Don’t feel bad.  The word didn’t exist until the early 1980s.  A social intrapreneur is defined as an employee of a large corporation who institutes change around global challenges — often without the direction of management — always keeping the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit in focus.

A few social intrapreneur-driven examples come to mind:

  • Unilever’s “Shakti” initiative to bring entrepreneurial skills to women in rural India.  By 2010 their network aims to have reached 600 million consumers.
  • Microsoft’s “Unlimited Potential” launched to bridge the digital divide in emerging markets.

Next week, the KooDooZ team will engage students from Soledad Enrichment Action Girls Academy with case study examples of how social intra/entrepreneurs have executed their good work – both from within the existing framework of an organization, as well as on their own laurels.  Students will also hear firsthand from field innovators who are tirelessly instituting change around United Nations Millennium Development Goals such as:

  • Millennial Development Goal #1: Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger
    Mark Horvath, founder of InvisiblePeople.TV, who will put a magnifying glass on U.S. homelessness and the advocacy tools he is using to encourage public and corporate support   
  • Millennial Development Goal #2: Achieve Universal Primary Education
    Scott Fifer, founder of GO Campaign, who will share his experiences of working with grassroots organizations to provide access to education and help vulnerable children worldwide
  • Millennial Development Goal #6: Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Other Diseases
    Nedra Weinreich, president and founder of Weinreich Communications, who will reveal which innovative social marketing stratagems have effectively been implemented in the health sector to advocate awareness and behavioral change around disease prevention
  • Millennial Development Goal #7: Ensure Environmental Sustainability
    Alexandra Teklak, creator of Aquamantra, who will share her experiences about the new rules of business sustainability and why she decided to create an energy enhanced natural spring water bottle in the world’s first 100% biodegradable, recyclable and compostable container

Woven into the fabric of our content will also be examples of how youth have played a role in fuelling innovation around these same global challenges:

  • Millennial Development Goal #1: Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger
    • At age 13, Hannah Taylor’s LadyBug foundation was developed to help the homeless
    • At age 9, Addison Graham advocated for the homeless by organizing One Warm Coat drives
    • At 18, Salina Truong joined Gumball Capital for the purpose of recruiting students as social entrepreneurs
  • Millennial Development Goal #2: Achieve Universal Primary Education
    • At age 14, Riley Carney founded Breaking the Chain, a non-profit focused on literacy.
    • At age 12, Craig Kielburger founded Free the Children in 1995, which is now the world’s largest network of “children helping children” by promoting education.  Free the Children works in 45 countries and has built over 500 schools worldwide.
    • At age 15, Shawn Grauel launched “Fast-Track Kabul” to raise money for school supplies to go toward quality education for youth in Afghanistan after his first trip to the country in 2002
  • Millennial Development Goal #6: Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Other Diseases
    • At age 4, Alex Scott showed her parents how kids across America could help raise funds and awareness for the life-threatening disease of cancer with a lemonade stand
    • At age 16, Jesse Fuchs-Simon and Nicolas Cuttriss founded AYUDA (American Youth Understanding Diabetes Abroad) to help people with diabetes in Latin America
    • At age 13, Grace and 16 year old Preston founded Kids Fight Malaria to fundraise for Medical Teams International’s treatment of Malaria victims
  • Millennial Development Goal #7: Ensure Environmental Sustainability
    • At age 17, Erin Schrode campaigned to help teens turn green
    • At age 9, Melissa Poe Hood campaigned for a cleaner environment
    • At age 6, Ryan Hreljac began raising money for clean water.  One year later, he had raised enough to build a well at a Ugandan school. The project has since developed into Ryan’s Well Foundation.

Young activists have long been the vehicle for change in this country.  KooDooZ believes KDZ will define the next generation of social entrepreneurs.  By unleashing their creativity and ingenuity, they will naturally become agents of change on the path of empowerment and innovation.


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