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The obesity epidemic is a staggering public health problem. Adults and kids alike have to assume an active role in order to reverse this epidemic.

Consider this: There are nine million school-age children in the United States between the ages of 6-and-19 who are considered obese. That number translates to one-in-three kids being overweight.

But obesity itself is not the only enemy of children’s health. According to a newly released study, there is a global phenomenon of children’s declining fitness. Families need to redefine their lifestyles as it relates to exercise and nutrition.

In an effort to raise awareness to this important issue, KooDooZ partnered with O2 MAX Fitness last summer on a social impact campaign, entitled “Tour De Fitness,” and successfully brought families together with organizations for the purpose of exploring fun healthy lifestyle alternatives.

By cultivating sponsorships with brands whose messages strategically aligned with youth health and wellness, KooDooZ and O2 MAX helped garner new interest in products and services which could help shape families for the better.  A local Whole Foods market, for example, sponsored the Tour De Fitness lunch and was afforded the opportunity to explain their commitment to the School Lunch Revolution program developed by their nonprofit cause marketing beneficiary, F3: Food Family Farming Foundation.  KooDooZ caught the message on tape:

At the time of this writing, KooDooZ and O2 MAX are working on the 2010 Tour De Fitness events. Brands and nonprofits are invited to contact us with new ideas of engagement and/or sponsorship consideration.


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